Featuring an extremely robust fixed bale chamber, Bellima produces bales from silage, hay and straw of brick-like densities. At the same time, it is an absolutely low-maintenance machine that requires an extremely low input from the tractor.

The pick-up on the KRONE Bellima round baler stands out for its compact design. The small diameter rotor with four rows of tines together with the adjustable crop roller mounts close to the bale chamber and operates extremely efficiently, feeding even short and wet crop in a continuous flow into the chamber.

The enclosed bale chamber with endless chain-and-slat elevator forms the incoming material to high-density and firm bales – layer by layer. Providing an excellent bale feed, the elevator starts rolling the material at a very  early stage so that the baling cycle finishes earlier as well. At the same time, this elevator creates a firmer core for higher densities and weights as well as high-quality  silage and in addition reduces bale handling effort and transport.