SAME FRUTTETO CLASSIC 80-80.4-90-90.4-100-105


The Frutteto Classic range of tractors are at the cutting-edge of the specialised tractor market, and represent the ultimate in performance for machines equipped with classic synchronised-gear gearboxes and mechanic-type hydraulic controls.

Indeed, these models are the next incarnation of the Frutteto³ Classic range, inheriting the lowered driver's seat from the latter, with a new, updated design, which includes the super-modern FARMotion engine and an even more efficient Overspeed function

The new FARMotion engines represent the beating heart of the Frutteto Classic. The special features of these engines include the electronically-controlled high-pressure Common Rail injection system (up to 2000 bar), and optimised 962 cm³ cylinder capacity. Available with either 3 or 4 cylinders, these engines dramatically improve the compactness, manoeuvrability and pull capacity of the new SAME Frutteto Classic range. The innovative range of design solutions ensures compliance with Stage 3B standards, obtained through the single DOC catalytic converter, which does not require periodic regeneration or routine maintenance.

The mechanical gearbox with 5 gears across two ranges and the underdrive and supercreeper gears are combined with a synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle, which together lend the Frutteto Classic ratios a superb scalability, both when travelling forwards and in reverse, for optimised performance and wheelbase. The various versions offer from 20+10 to 30+15 speeds, reaching speeds of 40 km/h, even with tyres on rims measuring only 20". On versions with tyres measuring 24"or 28", the Overspeed technology allows the Frutteto Classic to travel at speeds of 40 km/h with the engine in economy speed mode. Conversely, at the rated engine speed, the supercreeper provides 10 ratios between 0.21 and 1.02 km/h. In other words: an extremely precise selection of gears for operations which require very slow speeds!

The rear lift boasts a maximum capacity of 2,800 kg, making it ideal for use with even the heaviest equipment. The PTO is designed to meet all power requirements regardless of the conditions, with maximum efficiency: the speeds available - 540, 540ECO and 1000 rpm - ensure that all operating machinery functions smoothly. In addition, a synchronised PTO is also available. 4 or 6-way hydraulic distributors and the 3-point quick coupler complete this superbly-equipped range of machines.

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