The Lamborghini Strike is characterized by state of the art technology, outstanding performance and unparalleled comfort. The Strike range offers a comprehensive choice of 8 models in order to create the perfect configuration for any field or general farmyard task. The ideal weight distribution of the Strike LD and MD lets them deliver the superior performance necessary for working on the modern farm, in applications such as minimum tillage and sod-seeding, while the sturdily built Strike HD is the ideal solution for soil treatment work in the open field.

Lamborghini Strike is equipped with the new FARMotion engine, available as 3 or 4 cylinder variants with 2000 bar Common Rail fuel injection. HD models are powered by Stage IV compliant engines, with an SCR exhaust after-treatment system, while MD and LD versions are equipped with the Stage III B compliant engine, with a DOC catalytic converter. This extraordinary combination of technologies translates to ideal performance both in the field and on the road.

The Strike family offers a choice of three different transmissions - with mechanical, Hi-Lo or Powershift variants - to ensure the ideal speed range for every agricultural task and for successful results whether working in the field or on the road.

A hydraulic system built to deliver 56 l/min for operating implements with extraordinary efficiency. However, the capabilities of the system may be extended even further with an innovative 60ECO dual pump, which already offers a flow rate of 65 l/min at an engine speed of just 1600 rpm. Strike 110 HD and Strike 120 HD are also available with a hydraulic system with a 90 l/min dual pump. A mechanically controlled rear lift is offered in the basic configuration (while an electronically controlled lift is available as an option), for a maximum lifting capacity of 4,525 kg for LD-MD models or, to cater for applications demanding even greater lifting power, 5,410 kg in the case of the HD model. The system is available with 4, 6 or 8 way rear distributors, 2 of which with electrohydraulic proportional control.

Inside the eye-catching, comfortable cab, the intuitive, ergonomic controls are arranged on the right hand side of the driver and are colour-coded for instant identification. The driver zone is comfortable and spacious, while the generously sized windscreen and windows and the high visibility roof offer an unimpeded all-round view, which is especially helpful when working with a front loader. "Hydro Silent-Blocks" and excellent insulation from the engine makes the cab extremely quiet and comfortable, whether working in the field or driving at high speed on the road

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