The new Mach VRT Series has been specifically developed to offer superlative quality and reliability combined with some of the most advanced technology the industry has to offer, complemented by iconic Lamborghini style. Mach VRT tractors are equipped with state of the art engines, a highly efficient continuously variable transmission and advanced axles and brakes for unparalleled driver comfort and safety.


The new Mach VRT Series is powered by the Deutz 6.1 Stage V engine, which is more responsive, offers more torque reserve and is more fuel-efficient that the previous generation. With an exhaust aftertreatment system using SCR and a passive diesel particulate filter (DPF), Mach VRT tractors are compliant with the latest and most stringent emissions regulations.


With 4 mechanical ratios, the ZF continuously variable transmission equipping Mach tractors is extremely efficient and comfortable to use in a wide variety of operating conditions. This transmission is designed to offer a top speed of 60 km/h with the engine at economy speed, but also allow the tractor to work at a ground speed of just 200 metres per hour at maximum engine speed.


While offered as standard with a 120 l/min Load Sensing pump, the hydraulic system may also be equipped with a 160 l/min version. An additional, independent pump delivers oil exclusively to the hydraulic steering system. These tractors are available with up to 5 rear hydraulic distributor plus an additional two at the front, all of which electronically and proportionally controlled. The maximum capacity of the rear lift is 10,000 kg, while a new front lift, with draft and position control and a lift capacity of up to 5,480 kg, is also available as an option.


The new MaxiVision 2 cab is now separate from the engine hood and offers sublime levels of comfort with superlative ergonomics and easy to use controls.

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