LAMBORGHINI SPIRE F 90-90.4-100-105-115


Spire F tractors are equipped with the potent FARMotion engines with outputs of up to 113HP/83kW (on the Spire F 115). The characteristics design of the Spire F family, no sharp edges or corners, the flowing lines of the engine hood, cab and mudguards ensure safe passage between the rows of vineyard and orchard.


FARMotion engines assure innovative solutions such as electronically controlled external exhaust gas recirculation EGR, the DOC catalytic converter and high pressure (2000 bar) Common Rail injection to deliver the power and performance to tackle any task combined with lower fuel consumption and compliance with Stage 3B regulations. These are flexible engines offering the perfect response for the challenging tasks typical of fruit farms, arboriculture and nurseries


A superb 5 speed transmission with effortless, precise shift action, ideally spaced ratios and the "ECO" function, which makes it possible to drive at the maximum permitted speed while saving fuel by keeping the engine at lower speeds within the range with the best possible specific fuel consumption. Also available as a version with a 30+15 speed fully mechanical gearbox with underdrive offering up to 3 ranges (with supercreeper) and 3 powershift ratios, for a total of 45 forward and 45 reverse speeds.


To cater for specialized farming applications, Spire F tractors may be equipped with a hydraulic system with a single pump or dual tandem pumps with a flow rate of up to 64 l/min. These tractors may be equipped with up to 6 rear distributors with flow regulator, and an optional additional two electrohydraulic distributors plus a duplicated distributor with flow regulator. Boasting an impressive lift capacity of 2,800 kg, the rear lift is capable of tackling the heaviest of loads.


A spacious cab offering all the room the driver needs and total all-round visibility, despite the limited width of this type of tractor. The ergonomic controls are rationally arranged around the driver, and are colour-coded for immediate identification. The cab is pressurised to keep the driver safe when applying chemical crop treatments.

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