LAMBORGHINI SPIRE F 80-80.4-90-90.4-100-105 TARGET


Tractors without the cabin offer the ideal solution for the necessities of the fruit orchard, combining the capability of working with any implement with low running costs.

The rounded forms of the engine hood and fenders make Spire F Target a tractor with simple, practical looks, in which compact forms and intelligent design come together to make the ideal machine for working between the rows of the fruit orchard. Its design actively contributes to the extraordinary performance of these tractors, despite their compact size.

Spire F Target tractors are provided with the 3 or 4 cylinder FARMotion engines with Common Rail fuel injection and 7 hole injectors for optimum combustion efficiency and better performance, so they have the right power to work effectively in the limited space between rows.

The fully mechanical 20FWD+10REV transmission with 5 synchronised speeds, 2 ranges and a synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle is the most essential solution for working between the rows at the right speed for the job. The 30FWD+15REV OVERSPEED transmission saves fuel when driving at top speed on the road by making this possible at a lower, more economical engine speed. Spire F Target tractors may be equipped with a 2 speed (540/540ECO) or 3 speed PTO (540/540ECO/1000), and with a mechanically operated groundspeed PTO.

Spire F Target tractors are equipped with a 45 l/min hydraulic system feeding the 2,800 kg rear lift and up to 6 auxiliary distributors for working with all the implements typically used for specialised farming. An independent steering pump ensures smooth, progressive steering action, with the high steering angles needed to manoeuvre effortlessly between the rows and in tight spaces.

Spacious driver area with control levers on right hand side of driver for getting and out of the seat in complete comfort. The ergonomic platform, ideally placed suspended pedals, adjustable steering wheel and safety roll bar offer a comfortable, safe driving experience.

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