The Agroplus F Ecoline series embodies the essence of simplicity.

Agroplus F Ecoline tractors are equipped with three and four cylinder SDF Series 1000 TIER III engines with simple turbo or turbo-intercooler forced induction and an electronic governor system.

Incredibly tough and reliable, these engines are specifically built to keep on working uninterruptedly for hours on end with low running costs and extremely limited maintenance for minimised loss of productivity.

Agroplus F Ecoline series tractors are equipped with an extremely efficient mechanical transmission with the ideal number of intelligently spaced ratios, with a five-speed for a top speed of 40 km/h, and a synchronised reverse shuttle for significantly less time-consuming transport and transfer jobs.

As an option, the transmission may be equipped with a mechanical underdrive gear for a total of thirty speeds (twenty + ten), which may be increased even further to forty-five speeds (thirty + fifteen) with the addition of a supercreeper gear.

Four or six way distributors are offered, while a flow regulator makes it possible to use more than one auxiliary distributor simultaneously.

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